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When you’re lost and alone on an empty road,
and your feet can’t seem to move,
and any hopes of survival seem to be slipping away from you.
You twist and turn with every breath,
but you still don’t know where your headed yet,
because the road ahead looks faded and hazed,
and you know you’ve seen better days,
as the clouds turn grey and they move to form,
the beginning of a raging storm,
you start to think you’re paying your dues.
What do you do?

There used to be a time, when you listened to your heart,
but with…

Shadows —By Joshi

You won’t see him often
he comes out when he’s ready,
when the world is a little too still,
a little too steady.

When he comes, he brings with him chaos
my thoughts magnify under the light,
until it burns in ember.

He runs naked,
wide eyed and daring.
I’ve witnessed him
swat the wings of a fly,
crush the life out of a seed,
tear the strings of the guitar,
and welcome the stings of a bee.

He’s mad when he appears,
when I put pen to paper,
I see him glaring. …

When you took my hand, and we walked along the sands.

With every crashing wave, our feet swayed into dance.

I felt the rhythm in every step, I saw an angel when our eyes finally met.

Much like the nightingale whose wings fly free.

Much like our predispositions when they faded to the sea.

I saw you for you, and you saw me for me.

I waited too long for this moment and it finally came to be,

only then my eyes snap back into reality.

The past is funny, it creeps into my breath.

Captures me with memories I wish to forget.

Because the time we had was engraved in those sands,

and those waves kidnapped them with every passing chance.

A YouTube podcast data extraction and analysis how-to guide

Photo by Gene Jeter on Unsplash

I’ve been a fan of the Joe Rogan Podcast for many years. The wide variety of guests he has on has been both entertaining and educational. From scientists to comedians. He is a great podcaster because he is willing to listen to both sides and have a direct and honest conversation.

Joe Rogan is leaving YouTube and moving his primary podcast network to Spotify. In light of the move, I decided to use common Python libraries to extract some data from the JRE YouTube playlists before they inevitably get removed from the YouTube playlist. The primary purpose of this extraction…

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Lenny Bruce, Lenny Bruce a rebel.
Never listened to what anyone said,
did what you know, and made sure you showed,
that those who don’t dream are dead.
Lenny Bruce because of your courage,
we now have those who will confess,
to do what they do,
and find ways to improve,
and never settle for anything less.

Lenny Bruce, Lenny Bruce a solider.
Took all the shots from the front line.
Been kicked and cuffed, told truths no bluffs,
still you were cheated from your prime. …

From my previous article, it’s quite apparent that I’m interested in MMA fighting. Through my research, I wanted to find creative ways to visualize a fighter’s skills and abilities. To determine a fighter’s overall strength, we need to understand how good they are at attacking and defending, both on the ground and while standing. Although this is a minimal look at their abilities, there is value in visualizing this data.

It was through this process that I stumbled upon p5.js, which I wanted to use to sketch up a quadrant plot (or quad plot, for short) to display these stats.

A closer look at UFC 246

Only a few more sleeps till we see the Notorious one back in the Octagon. Conor McGregor makes his return on Saturday facing Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at Welterweight in Viva Las Vegas.
It’s no surprise that the rise of Conor McGregor has been the pinnacle of sports fame and notoriety. As the Shakespearean tragedy goes, a man who came from nothing, and earned everything before fame and power corrupted him. After a year off, he is back, but is he intending to stay?

However this blog won’t go into the details of his personal life, once again this is a…


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