Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash

There’s no power.
No need to stare at my laptop screen,
No desire to scroll my Instagram feed.

There’s no power.
No feeling of worry coursing through my veins.
No feeling of being tied to an electric chain.

There’s no power.
No fuzz or buzz fluttering round my skin,
No thoughts of depression or anxiety flowing in.

There’s no power.
I lay still in my bed and dream about the strength of isolation,
I can feel peace without the overflow of useless information.

There’s no power.
Gives me a moment to decompress,
All my heightened senses can finally come to rest.

There’s no power.



I’ve learned to block my mind, when they twirl their dime

Photo by Brian Wertheim on Unsplash

Screaming politicians,
flip a coin on positions,
commanding us to listen
to their shit.

They tell us they won’t quit,
that we’ll barely take a hit,
only for us to sit,
on the fence.

It don’t make no sense,
how they make dollars from our cents,
yet we live to pretend,
we don’t see.

It may give you grief,
when you just wanna be,
nothing more than free,
or kind.

I don’t give em time,
I’ve learned to block my mind,
when they twirl their dime,
in front of me.




Photo by Nikita Tikhomirov on Unsplash

Belle the cocktail waitress,
strolls up and down the bar,
listening into conversations,
while shouting at the stars.

Now, Brother John sits patiently
waiting for his drink,
he faces a brick wall,
because he claims it helps him think.

Belle resumes her shift,
after her tenth cigarette break,
and approaches Brother John,
with two limes and a stake.

Brother John looks baffled and
asks “where’s my gin?”.
Belle just shakes her head,
and expels him of his sins.

Brother John stands up fast and
throws his fist at the wall,
as the bar is slapped with silence,
with their conversations and all.

Belle walks up the stairs where,
the door sign reads “Staff”.
She locks the door behind her,
and then begins to laugh.





Photo by Karl Magnuson on Unsplash

Sigh, sigh sometimes
It’s okay.
it means you care

Sigh, sigh sometimes
It’s alright.
when things are beyond repair

Sigh, sigh sometimes
It’s fine.
when you give all you can share

Sigh, sigh sometimes
It’s normal.
when people take more than you can bare

Sigh, sigh sometimes
It’s good.
when you move past your despair

Sigh, sigh sometimes
It’s easy.
a single breathe is all you spare

Sigh, sigh sometimes
It’s honest.
if you dare